10 minutes with Reg Hayes. Celebrating 40 years of service.

This week, we took some time to reflect and ask Reg a few questions about his time with James Richardson Furniture.

Established in 1892, James Richardson Group has a long, rich and esteemed history. In 1956, James Richardson Furniture was founded, importing furniture from Czechoslovakia and Italy for commercial supply. Today, James Richardson has a strong focus on employee culture with over 2,300 spanning three countries across the globe.

Reg Hayes has been a key to James Richardson rich history and part of the furniture (pardon the pun) since 1977. This year we mark Reg’s 40th anniversary with James Richardson Furniture, a show of loyalty which is rarely seen in the modern age.

To put in perspective, in 1977 the medium house price in Melbourne was $37k, petrol was less than 60c a litre, Happy Days was the most popular TV program and the first of the Star Wars franchise was released.




What do you recall about your first day with James Richardson? 

I remember quite vividly being introduced and walking around to all the different divisions. Back then, James Richardson provided products and services in a range of departments. I was introduced to departments such as the fancy goods showroom, cigarettes and vending machines, perfumes and makeup, wines and spirits and of course, the furniture department.


How would you describe your own style?

I would describe my style as pretty laid back and casual – But I do like a nice piece of furniture.  I have been known to look under a chair when out – just checking.


What have been your favourite James Richardson Furniture pieces over the years?

My favourite Pieces are JR.148 Prestige chair, JR.9591 Rocking chair and JR.2404 Hat Stand

JR.148 Prestige Chair (top left), JR.9591 Rocking Chair (bottom left) and JR.2404 Hat Stand


Which style has reigned supreme in standing the test of time?

I would say the Chair 18 has really stood out. Most of the TON range stand up to day to day life in Café and Restaurants over the years. Most styles and trends come back into fashion at some point as well.

 TON Princess ChairTON Chair 18 & Chair 14


Is there a particular style, or period, that appeals to you?

I like Ligna/Thonet Bentwood, Loui, Chippendale and Queen Ann period furniture.

Ligna/Thonet Bentwood (left), Chippendale (middle) and Queen Ann (right)


What are the biggest changes in furniture trends you have seen over the years?

The biggest changes have been changing materials from Timber to Aluminium and Plastic.


Which particular piece of furniture would create the biggest impact to a room?

As it stand at the moment – it would have to be the Beatnik Sound Station. However my opinion on this changes with new ground breaking pieces and styles being released all the time.

Beatnik Sound Station

Beatnik Sound Station


Which furniture designer,  interior designer or architect do you admire the most?

You can’t go past Antoni Gaudi. He did a pretty good job in Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia Church – Just amazing.


Sagrada Familia Church – Barcelona


If you could live in any city / country in the world, where would it be?

Really enjoyed France, but would have to spend a bit more time to know for sure. Well that’s a great excuse for a holiday anyway.


From all of us at James Richardson Furniture, we wish Reg a very happy anniversary. We are proud to have you on our team.

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