5 tips on how to accomplish the 2017 Interior Design Trends

5 tips on how to accomplish the 2017 Interior Design Trends

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to wind down poolside, arm yourself with a refreshment, and catch up on the industry news. By now you’ve most likely read about the interior design trends that are expected to hit our shores in 2017.

So, with the holidays now over, and the year in full swing, we decided to look at some of the popular trends that are expected to be hitting our restaurants, offices and homes this year, and examples of how these can be accomplished.


Green, Green and Shades of Green

Green is the colour of 2017. It’s important to not overuse it and instead splash shades of green as an accent colour to bring vibrancy to a room. The versatility of green can be used to deliver an array of moods.

Dark and emerald green can provide an authentic, earthy antique look.

2017 Interior Design Trends - Emerald Green Interior

Image: La Botegga – Prague, Czech Republic
Products: Armchair 25 | Chair 56


2017 Interior Design Trends - Emerald Green Interior 2

Image: Motto restaurant – Vienna, Austria.
Products: Armchair 30 | Chair 763 | Barstool 73


Neon and bright greens bring freshness and contemporary look.

2017 Interior Design Trends - Neon and Bright Green Interior 2

Image: Bar Melusine – Seattle, USA
Products: Chair 14 | Barstool 14




Yes, it’s back, and not only for outdoor tiles or planting pots. Terracotta is expected to make a comeback in our interiors in 2017.

By combining bright statement pieces, Terracotta tiles can be brought back to modern times.

2017 Design Trends - Terracotta

Image: Decoist


Sharp edged Terracotta can provide a clinical contrast and statement to any room.

2017 Design Trends - Terracotta 2

Image: Pedrali
Products: VOLT 675 Armchair | YPSILON 4795 Base 




Open plan living has dominated our homes, and also offices, in recent times. However, there has been a definitive shift in Escapism, or rooms designed to provide privacy.

The use of smaller or multifunctional furniture can help ensure the room does not look cluttered.

2017 Design Trends - Escapism
Product: Geronimo Table


Rooms designed around modular pieces can also ensure that every square inch is utilised. Using a single statement piece can also ensure that minimal amounts of furniture pieces are required.

2017 Design Trends - Escapism using Modular Furniture

Image: Pedrali
Product: GLISS 904 Chair



Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms have typically been decorated with boring, sometime bevelled, mirrors. Typically, the second most expensive room in the house is void of creativity in this area. We are now seeing a shift in statement mirrors being used to provide the wow factor on a budget.

The Lady O mirror provides Artisanal character.

2017 Design Trends - Statement Mirror Pieces

Product: Lady O Mirror


A more rounded mirror can be used in a modern environment.

2017 Design Trends - Statement Mirror Pieces 2

Product: Grimilde Mirror



Geometric Shaped Furniture

Making a comeback from the 60s and with a resurgence of Geometric patterns in recent years, 2017 is expected  to see more furniture utilising Geometric angles and shapes.

Use furniture pieces to add artistic flair to minimalistic designed rooms.

2017 Design Trends - Geometric shaped furniture

Product: Cordoba Armchair


2017 Design Trends - Geometric shaped furniture 2

Product: Pezzo Coffee Table



Quirky Lighting

Statement lights have been the go-to element for designers and renovators for years now. These generally have been large pendant lights or chandeliers. People are now willing to take the next step by inserting quirky shaped lighting to create an individual look.

Pair one of these interestingly shaped lights into a minimalistic environment to create an individual and unique look to any room.


Use as a singular piece, or group multiple shaped and sizes to create unique look.

2017 Design Trends - Unique Shaped Lighting

Product: Dent Suspension Lamp


Lamps can also be used to create scalability and flexibility when designing your room.

2017 Design Trends - Unique Shaped Lighting 2

Product: Eclipse Light


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