Amy Quinn of Amy Q Design.

Amy Quinn of Amy Q Design.

Cementing the profile of Australian furniture design is the driving force behind the work of Amy Quinn, who has designed a new prestige range of locally designed and made products exclusively for James Richardson Furniture. Amy Q Design presents a sleek, definitive collection of furniture inspired by, and inspiring, the local manufacturing identity.

The Melbourne-based designer studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Sydney, after initially working in the natural health industry.

“I knew I needed to shift into a more creative career,” says Quinn. “Creative thinking allows all of us to be open to new ideas, become better problem solvers and encourages our growth.”

Quinn worked as a designer and draftsperson in the commercial furniture sector at which time she carved out her own personal style and eventually started her own practise.

“I like to stray into different creative industries & mediums. The new & unusual helps break thought patterns and lead to more flexibility and innovative thinking.”


Amy Quinn Melbourne Designer


Quinn’s designs fuse form and finesse – a reflection of her dual artistic and analytical approach to furniture. She seamlessly synthesises practicality with panache.

“I aim to create products that are explorative, experimental and elegant solutions to human needs, as well as the foremost need for high functionality.”

She adds, “I believe objects can have a personality and inspire creativity in our daily lives.”

While European designs remain the dominant influence on global furniture trends, Quinn recognises that Australian designers do demonstrate a distinct flair in their work.

“I feel we have our own brand of light-heartedness, a love of natural materials & like to have a sense of the people behind what we buy.”

She points out that over the last few years there has been an increase in local interest within the Australian creative scene.

“Australian cultural confidence is growing, which is well-evidenced in industries such as food and fashion. On the design front however, greater local market appreciation is still needed.”

“Our culture is unique and a growing appreciation of Australian design and craftsmanship celebrates this as well as leads to improved purchasing habits and more sustainable production.”

“Designers may have to work a little harder with our manufacturing limitations here but I feel this leads to creating points of difference rather than merely aligning with a global style and repeating what has already been done.”

Quinn’s designs for James Richardson Furniture include The Petticoat table base formed of perforated sheet metal, usually powder coated in black or white but is available to be customised. James Richardson also has a range of solid timber or compact laminate tops to match.

Quinn also designed The Waverley table specifically to meet the current demand for economical, large dining tables. Available in a circular or rectangle version, it will suit a rough sawn timber top, compact laminate or even marble. Additionally James Richardson has an excellent supplier of quality, affordable stainless steel which can ensure that The Waverley sits at a suitable price range for the commercial furniture market.

With designers like Quinn extending the bounds and possibilities of furniture design and manufacturing in Australia, it shouldn’t be long until local furniture designers gain widespread recognition for an inimitable brand of craftsmanship.

View the complete Amy Q Design collection online at James Richardon Furniture, including the Petticoat table and the Waverley Table.

Petticoat table 

Petticoat table (low)

Waverley table

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