Griffith University Student Bar

4222 Parklands Drive Southport, Qld

Students can now unwind and imbibe in airy Queensland style at the revamped Griffith University Gold Coast Student Guild Bar.

In response to the opening of the new Gold Coast Light Rail, which stops just outside the Link building, the Guild commissioned Brisbane firm Push to shift the position of the existing bar, transform the opening to the building and integrate the existing venues into something more cohesive for guests.

Push director Paul Curran describes the former collection of buildings as “a bit of an ugly duckling”. The design team wanted students and staff to enter the building by the new food and retail area and proceed through the middle of the building known as the Link, to the bar which was pushed deeper into the precinct.

“What we did was we tore off part of the roof, and put a big atrium through the middle,” Curran says. “So that you walked into a covered space, but which was very much an outdoor space. We put a large garden bed through the middle so it was integrated, but had this feeling of being part of an outdoor space, with the trees and shade as well.” Bringing the outside in is a way to appreciate the lush green warmth of the Gold Coast environment.

The roof is uniquely lofty, unsealed and separated from the base of the building allowing for plenty of natural light and ventilation. “In a decorative sense it looks quite nice because we used a blue twin-wall polycarbonate sheet,” Curran says. “So it glows blue as you look up.”

Client: Griffith University Student Bar

Collaborating Designers: Design – Push Architects

Brands: TON, Pedrali

Products: STOOL BANANA 131 ,