Hawker Hall

98 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181

Designing from feedback gathered from the target audience, Hawker Hall has been tailored with a deliberate looseness, to invite diners to interact and to live within the moment by activating the senses.

Celebrating the majestic warehouse, the triple interplay between the scales of the mezzanine screen, bar and cook bank volumes, the family of crafted timber and metal joinery pieces and finally the extra layers of signage, lighting fixtures, and styling elements create a space that resonates across several scales, affording a rich and layered atmosphere. The use of raw pegboard ceiling lining to integrate the exposed trusses complements the dry-brushed masonry walls and turquoise tile accents, creating a patinated, acoustic chamber adding an essential aural timbre to the restaurant atmosphere.
Pulsing daylight from the existing roof monitors and the extensive use of custom water based stains to the timbers help calibrate the nuanced atmosphere and express an integral sustainability.

Client: Hawker Hall

Collaborating Designers: Design – Eades & Bergman

Brands: TON

Products: CHAIR 14