Kitty Burns

24 Acacia Place, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Nestled below Melbourne’s iconic Skipping Girl, Biasol: Design Studio saw an opportunity to give Kitty Burns a dual personality, resulting in a space that capitalises on contrast.

With an aim of creating a space that would feel homely to the residents of the Haven apartment complex, we introduced a pitched roof design into the space as well as embracing natural light and choosing design elements that would complement, not compete with, the surrounding Yarra Bend. We played on an idea of Kitty having a playful side while Burns was the more disciplined of the pair, a contrast reflected in every element of the design- pale turquoise tiles are contrasted with strong overhead structures, while clean the lines of pitched roofs are arranged at varying heights to create a similar feeling of juxtaposition. Fusing mischief with structure, frivolity with discipline, Kitty Burns embodies the iconic Skipping Girl woman in one light-filled space.

Client: Kitty Burns

Collaborating Designers: Design – Biasol: Design Studio

Photography: – Ari Hatzis

Brands: TON, Pedrali