Design is not just about lines and beauty, but foremost about its social impact.

Origin: Slovenia

If there are two things that Donar knows well it's how to make furniture and how to save the environment while doing it. Since 1989, they have been developing products which enable a qualitative, dynamic and active sitting experience in the office and at home. Starting out as a relatively small business, Donar has developed into a key member of the furniture industry with a mission to contribute to a carbon neutral and waste-free society.

The company was built on a basis of 3 policies; Environmental awareness, social impact which includes sustainable design and lastly, educating customers and users through new user experience. Donar's mission is green, sustainable development, and it is well aware of the environmental impact of materials.

In the last 18 years, Donar has worked with designers from all over Europe (Denmark, Netherland, France, England, Italy and Slovenia) and won numerous national and international awards such as; Red Dot Design Awards, Innovation Award (German Design Council), Green Product Awards, EUIPO Design Award finalists and several awards for our sustainable, circular driven strategy.