Gaber's foundation is built on experience. The company boasts a strong history of developing pieces from conception and design through to production and construction, all in a variety of materials including plastic, metal, wood and upholstery.

Origin: Italy

Gaber propelled itself into the market with its own collection of chairs, stools, tables and furniture design, pairing lasting quality with original style.

Gaber achieves its fresh, yet elegant edge through an eagerness to use the most advanced technologies in the industry. This hunger for innovative and functional solutions has been a core trait of Gaber products from the beginning, and is a testament to the knowledge and mastery of their team. The company offers a wide range of products to compliment any environment, from home or office furnishings, to gardens, waiting rooms and cocktail lounges.

Flexibility, insight and an innate creativity permeate all levels of production. Gaber anticipates the needs of the market, then surpasses these needs with flair. Their control over the process at every stage allows them to adhere to clear functional and aesthetic requirements.