Miniforms was born in Italy in the early 1970s as the evolution of Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in 1962, and the producer of small tables and furnishing accessories.

Origin: Italy

At the end of the 1980s, Miniforms showcased to the international market its expanding production introducing new chairs, tables, bookcases and an increased catalogue with new solutions for living. In 2009 Luigi Bardini, Miniforms founder, sold the company to his sons Alessandro, Matteo and Mario who now invest in avant-garde productions and work with young talents in Italian design.

The style that inspires Miniforms is reflected in the use of authentic materials that respect the environment. The forms and colours chosen are essential and clean, while the materials used range from solid wood to sheet steel, glass and aluminium. Every production always makes use of environmentally friendly materials.

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