Ziru is a Valencian company with a long trajectory in the world of furniture design. From its origins ZIRU has permeated its products with a fresh, young and avant-garde style.

Origin: Spain

Ziru's specialty is the wood, to be more specific the Oak wood, and Ziru treats it as the potter treats that piece of clay, working on it until it becomes an expression of his way of being and how he understands life.

Design and Quality. These are the components of Ziru's philosophy. Ziru is the sum of the people with a dream to offer a product of satisfaction and pride.

The input of clients, distributors and agents is essential. Ziru believes that only united and working on the same direction they will be able to grow and rise to the standards that the market demands. Its research and design team works so that the final product meets not only the expectations of the consumer but also Ziru's.