Amy Quinn

JR Furniture

The driving force behind Amy Quinn is her overwhelming desire to cement the profile of Australian furniture design on a global stage. This ambition is manifested in her prestige collection of sleek, definitive and locally designed products crafted exclusively for James Richardson Furniture. Amy’s designs are both inspired by and a true source of inspiration to Melbourne’s local manufacturing identity.

After studying Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Sydney, Amy broke onto the Melbourne scene by carving out her own personal style while working as a designer and draftsperson in the commercial furniture section. She soon started her own practice, fusing form and finesse in her designs as a reflection of her dual artistic and analytic approach to furniture.

Quinn’s designs for James Richardson Furniture include The Petticoat Table Base, The Delta Range and The Waverley Table. These designs seamlessly synthesize practicality with panache, and her high-quality furniture sits comfortably within a suitable price range for the commercial furniture market.

Amy’s work is at the zeitgeist of uniquely Australian design, with a distinct flair you won’t find anywhere else.