Brazilian designed furniture pieces to inspire!

Laden with exotic woods and timber, it's not surprising that Brazil has been at the forefront of furniture design. Carved, turned and angular features are key characteristics of the typical Brazilian style.

Taking inspiration from the Olympics, we delved in the unique composition of Brazilian designed furniture and found the following pieces. These exclude the charm, elegance and pop-culture expected from Brazil, while integrating the modern design styles that we commonly see today.


Cantilevered Chairs by Jorge Zalszupin (c. 1965) source

L’Atelier, Cabinet – Jorge Zalszupin (c. 1965) source

zalszupin-2Andorinha Coffee Table (with Integrated Magazine Stand) – Jorge Zalszupin (c. 1970) source


“Three Legged Chair” – Joaquim Tenreiro (c. 1947) source



Cabinet/shelf unit in jacaranda – Joaquim Tenreiro (c. 1950) source


Reclaimed Wood Sitting Chair - Carlos Motta (70s)

Reclaimed wood sitting chair – Carlos Motta (c. 1970) source


pedro-paulo-venzon-furniture-art-dpages-10Minimal Chair design – Pedro Paulo Venzon source


Loose Hanger Coat Hanger – Jader Almeida (2012) source



“Sirinhaem” Chaise Longue – Hugo Franca (2006) source

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