About James Richardson

The James Richardson Furniture story is both unique and authentic. This Melbourne-based, family-owned business owes its origins to the hard work and ambition of one person - the late David Mandie AM, OBE.

A first generation Australian, David Mandie arrived with his family in 1921. He was forced to leave school at 13, beginning his working life prematurely in the family barber and tobacconist shop. In 1953 he purchased a wholesale wine and spirits distribution business from local hotelier Jimmy Richardson. His launch into the world of furniture happened in 1956, whilst travelling through Europe. He struck a deal to import from a Czechoslovakian company-a deal sealed with a handshake that still stands to this day.

In 2017 James Richardson Furniture still carries the original brand Ton chairs, making it the leading supplier of bentwood chairs in Australia.

The James Richardson Group employs over 2,300 people, across three countries, yet it retains a strong local focus with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It also manages extensive warehouse facilities with a large range of core products held as stock.

James Richardson Furniture combines quality products with exceptional service, importing top brands from countries around the world. It continues to strengthen its reputation as a business with a story from the past, a strength for today and an eye for tomorrow.