Developing numerous products which enable a qualitative, dynamic and active sitting experience

Origin: Slovenia

DONAR, our manufacturing company, combines the know-how that enables you to make prolonged sitting as stress-free for your body as possible. We have, by applying numerous ergonomic solutions and by means of our own production capacities, developed numerous products which enable a qualitative, dynamic and active sitting thus relieving the vital parts of your body when in forced posture both in your office and at home.

We have set ourselves the objective to help companies to achieve higher efficiency through a healthy and correct sitting posture and allow each and every user to have an ergonomic office chair at home to enjoy everyday pleasures.

By applying modern technologies and occupying ourselves with your wishes we always find the right solutions. Here is how we see it: the quality of products, their price and delivery periods are the basis of and the key to a long-term cooperation.

Numerous prizes our products have been awarded at home and abroad are in themselves evidence of our dedicating most of our time to health, design and ergonomics.

We can boast the award of the Designers Society of Slovenia for the best designed product – for the chair ALIEN, the silver award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the products FIFTY and 90-60-90, and the AMBIENT golden plaque for excellence at the fairs in Zagreb and Sarajevo.

We are particularly proud of two ZLATA VEZ prizes we were awarded for the best product at the Furniture Fair in Ljubljana.

A wide circle of Slovenian and numerous foreign partners and clients who already find us trustworthy and are becoming more and more recognizable and successful are an excellent reference to prove ourselves also to you.

Together with our contract partners such as HERMAN MILLER and AHREND we are in a position to offer you the prestigious class of ergonomic office furniture.

Numerous references will speak on our behalf.